PSV 1-1 Arsenal: Issues after the game: The Gunners fought

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PSV 1-1 Arsenal: Issues after the game: The Gunners fought to a neck-and-neck draw and advanced to the round of 16 in the UEFA Champions League.

Final game of Champions League Group B. That turned into a team trial game. and providing opportunities for reserve players for both teams End with a 1-1 draw in a way. That Bua was not bruised or the water was not cloudy. After the conclusion of this group ended since the game had not yet started competing. Report from

Arsenal, after not playing in the Champions League for six seasons,

Return with determination and finished as group champions. While PSV this season Really hot in the Eredivisie League with 15 wins in a row and remaining unbeaten. This season, they have “blemishe” by losing just one game this season. That was defeat in the Champions League against Arsenal in the first game of the group stage. And having to meet in the end. They don’t want their home fans to disappointed. And even though it’s not the most fulfilling But ended up leaving the field satisfied. In a game filled with many substitutes And this is the post-game point for this game. Especially from the visiting team’s side.

A game of “chance” for the substitutes

Both teams sent substitutes to play in a variety of positions. Arsenal chose to drop as many as eight players from the Midlands defeat to Aston Villa in the Premier League because they wanted to rest key players, including Cedric Soare. including Mohamed Elneny, who has hardly received a chance this season to play, as well as Aaron Ramsdale, the goalkeeper who fought his way through to help the team earn the right to play in the Champions League. Made his “debut” in this game for the first time in his life playing professional football. With only William Saliba and Gabriel remaining as the only two main players who still came to play in this game, while Kai Havetz despite receiving many opportunities in his first year But there were still many previous games that started with substitutes. This is a game where these players can come and play to show their potential. and get time on the field

However, Arsenal in this game is still like many games using more than half the team’s substitutes. 

There is often a problem with understanding the game that is often incorrect. Even more, some people haven’t started playing at all this year. The pairing of many players never played together from the first minute. The result is a glitch – a delay in setting up the game. Not to mention that they had already made. It to the next round and their determination was quite evidently diminished. Players from both teams played and had a chance to see smiles during the game. It clearly reflects the tension level of the game well. while PSV Although this game uses the services of many substitutes But almost all the players are The team has always been a “rotator” with the team having played 25 games in every competition this year. The team’s understanding of the game is clearly different. Along with playing at home on a day when the team was extremely confident in the league. The difference therefore comes out quite clearly. Especially the first half