Lionel Messi brand has Mbappe, cut Argentina-France football match

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Lionel Messi brand has Mbappe, cut Argentina-France football match in the 2022 World Cup finals

scores for players from both teams


Hugo Lloris – 7/10,
had to save a few times. Do your best in the rhythm of protecting the ball, the more you lose, you have to say that you really have no right to receive.

Jules Gunde – 6/10
Di Maria played hard in the beginning. But after switching to Agunja, the defensive work has decreased

Rafael Varane – 7/10
There are many beautiful air shots. Today did his best to prevent dangerous moments until the last second and Substituted due to injury

6/10 Playe quite badly. There was an easy rhythm to lose the ball that was always visible, probably because he was pushed onto the field even though he was not yet fully fit.

Aurelion Thuameni – 6/10
Chasing the ball in the middle of the field. Most of the roles will be in defensive games. Plus today, missed a penalty in the decisive penalty shoot -out

Adrien Rabiot – 8/10
Outstanding form with control of the game in midfield. There is a beautiful rhythm to steal the ball, as well as being a person who transports the ball from back to front for the

Antoine Griezmann team – 5/10.
Quiet throughout the first half. Today I hardly have a chance to play with football. before being replaced in the second half

Ousmane Dembele – 5/10
Still had almost no role in the game and even made the team concede a penalty. Until being substituted before the end of the first half

Olivier Giroud – 5/10 The
ball barely reached him throughout his time on the pitch and was quickly substituted before half time

Lian Mbappe – 9/10
Carry France on both shoulders. The first period was relatively quiet, but came to prominence towards the end of the game, scoring a hat-trick in this game, along with not missing a penalty in the decisive shootout. Although disappointed in the end but won the tournament’s goalscoring award.

Argentina Lionel Messi

Amy Martinez – 9/10
Most important save to help the team late in the game. As for the goals that were lost, there were 2 penalties lost, however, it was a hero who saved 2 penalties. and culminating with the best goalkeeper award of the tournament

Christian Romero – 7/10
The defense has many beautiful tackles, but today the ball-out is not as stable as it should be.

Nicolas Otamendi – 7/10 conceded
a penalty late in the game. In addition, today there are still some mistakes in timing the ball until the team loses a penalty. but overall it is considered to help the game get well

Nicolas Tagliafico – 7/10 Very
few offensive roles. But today, the starboard defensive game is considered to be good at dealing with the speed of the French offensive line.

Nahuel Molina – 7/10
Runs up and down the starboard side well. Plus, chasing after Mbappe was evenly matched during open play

Enzo Fernandez – 8/10
Outstanding performance in midfield. Holds the ball well, has a rhythm to help chase the ball and squeeze the center of the field. Ready to win the best young star award in this World Cup

Rodrigo de Paul – 8/10
Up and down, diligent, running, cutting games, including attacking games all the time on the field. Squeeze to stand on the edge of the line to help Molina deal with Mbappe well.

Alexis McAllister – 8/10
Another outstanding performance in midfield. Hold the ball tightly, difficult to lose the ball, help the team to continue the ball smoothly throughout the game.

Angel Di Maria – 9/10 Played
only 64 minutes but did a flawless job. He was involved in both goals that called for penalties and scored the second goal to put the team ahead at half-time.

Lionel Messi – 9/10

His saga has come to an end perfectly, although the performance in this game is not as carrying as the previous games, but scored 2 goals and won the best player award. regular tournaments possible before culminating with being a trophy lifter before being dubbed as the number one player of all time in this world successfully

Julian Alvarez – 7/10
Diligent in chasing the ball from the top. Although today there is no opportunity to finish, but plays a role in helping the defensive game while keeping the ball in the front area well.