How to play dummy cards well not as difficult as you think

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How to play dummy cards well not as difficult as you think.

If you have 5 hearts and 5 clubs, you will notice that you can no longer spawn a triple set of 5. So you can discard a 5. safely But the question. Which card should be better discard? Two cases can be analyzed as follows.

How to play dummy cards well It’s something you can practice. If you are seriously interest in playing dummy, just try our suggestions in this article. You will notice that it can increase your chances of scoring from playing your dummy cards. The tips on how to play dummy cards well. That are recommend are just basic techniques that even novice players can follow. If you have enough experience playing dummy, you will understand that. How to play dummy cards well, there are no fixed rules at all.

  1. If you discard a 5 of spades. There is a chance that the other player will lead to 345 Spades, 456 Spades and 567 Spades, which are only 3 possible in these cases.
  • In case of discarding 5 clubs. The chances that other players can bring it to happen are 345 clubs and 456 clubs, only 2 patterns. because there are other players forming a set of cards 789 clubs. Already gone You should choose to discard the 5 clubs first. Because the chances of other players using them are less.

For another point of caution is Forming a set of 345 clubs. You can deposit a spate 2 clubs, so you should look at the other community cards to see. If there are cards in the Tong 2 family or not to avoid being deposite in the spateo.

As for the principle of avoiding discarding stupid cards that result in a 50-point deduction, there are some of the most important things to keep in mind. Avoid discarding pies of any kind, including discarding full cards. This can done by carefully observing the other players’ cards. 

You also need to be tactful. in choosing to hold cards In order not to fall. Into a situation where no matter which card is discard, points will deduct. But It is consider try to enter ทางเข้า UFABET. An example of how to analyze a dummy card